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Great news!

Starting a business doesn’t have to overwhelm you.

I get it.

When I started my senior downsizing business in 2009, I was overwhelmed too! There weren't many resources available to help me through the process and I was forced to learn through trial and error, which, let's face it, isn't fun!

What I’ve learned over the past 12 years is that it’s just plain wrong to waste valuable time and resources, or suffer from unnecessary stress, when there’s a better choice.

That’s why I created The Senior Downsizing Specialist Training Program.

Finding The Right Guide Makes All The Difference

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How many potential clients are you missing by wasting time trying to create your business from scratch?

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Wish you could avoid feeling overwhelmed by following an easy, step-by-step start-up guide?

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Doesn't building a thriving business & earning income faster sound like a better plan?

“What I liked most was the heart and humor with which the presentations were made! The course did exactly what it promised to do. ”

Rachel W.

It's All Here!

Welcome to the most comprehensive downsizing business start-up guide & training program available today.

The Psychology Behind Downsizing

Optional One-on-One Coaching

Basic Business Setup

Branding, Advertising & Marketing

Downsizing A to Z

Equipment/Supplies Essentials

And Much, Much More!

Each Course Includes Downloadable Templates and Brandable Forms to Get Your Business Jumpstarted!

  • Materials and Process Checklists
  • Brandable Business Forms
  • Senior Downsizing Service Agreement
  • Independent Contractor Agreement
  • Employment Contract Templates
  • Invoice and Estimate Templates
  • Comparison Worksheets and Charts
  • Social Media Tracker Template
  • Essential Checklists & Tip Sheets
  • Client In-Take Forms
  • Competitor Analysis Worksheet
  • Business Plan Template
  • Office Supply Start-Up List
  • Business Budget Template
  • Small Business Resource List
  • Marketing Resource Lists
  • Pricing Exercises
  • Related articles and more!

“The downloadable files at the end of each module are golden. In and of themselves, they are worth thousands of dollars & months, if not years, of research that I would have had to do all on my own.”

Roslyn C.

Still Wondering If It’s The Right Program for You?

This program is for heart-centered entrepreneurs who:

Have a serious passion for serving seniors and their families during a physically-challenging and emotionally-stressful transition experience.

Doesn't have tons of business start-up experience or want to waste time and effort figuring out what they need to set up a functioning business.

Want to avoid an impersonal, franchise-like, one-size-fits-all business format

Want to create a business that offers scalability and flexibility, as well as embracing their unique skills, personality and vision.

Want low-cost or free resources for branding and marketing their services

Want tried-and-true tips for creating effective advertising specific to this industry that work and which ones to avoid.

Love quick, easy, step-by-step guides to follow for every phase of start-up, including detailed breakdowns of supplies and equipment that they’ll need Day One.

Appreciate hands-on training on effective packing techniques and important time-saving pack day strategies.

Want a clear game plan to follow of the entire downsizing process, not just move day.

Want to learn how to create a 5-Star Customer Service program that will keep clients coming back in the future and a high referral rate.

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Maybe You Need a Little More Hands-On Support?
Check Out The Mastery Program!

It includes:

All 4 Senior Downsizing Specialist core training modules


3 months of one-on-one, personalized coaching & mentoring with a Downsizing Expert, and more!

Senior Downsizing Specialists and Other Small Business Owners That I've Worked With Say My Coaching Has Helped Them:

Be more confident and focused in their business

Get clarity and be more creative

Develop practical day-to-day business solutions from someone they trust with extensive, first-hand knowledge of the downsizing process and general business issues

Address challenges they are experiencing in their unique business marketplace location

Avoid making costly business mistakes, saving them time, money and energy

Really, what it comes down to, is that we all appreciate having someone in our corner who really cares about helping us successfully implement our business dream.


Watch My Free Video
& Select a Course


Follow the Plan
& Set Up Your Business


Be the "Go-To-Pro" of Downsizing


Watch My Free Video
& Select a Course


Follow the Plan
& Set Up Your Business


Be the "Go-To-Pro" of Downsizing

“This program has been a total game changer!”

Virginie D.

Choose What You Need!

Not everyone needs the same level of training or guidance.

That’s why my program is the only one with the flexibility of choosing individual courses or money-saving bundles.

The Introduction to Senior Downsizing Course


The Downsizing Specialist Training Courses

From $198

Mastery Program Online Course + Coaching


What’s Not to Love?

NO membership, application or testing fees are required to take this course, saving you hundreds, even thousands, of dollars!

NO yearly certification or franchise fees

NO continuing educational requirements to maintain!

MORE in-depth training than any other program in the industry!

MORE flexibility to go as fast or slow as you like with a user-friendly format for both computer and mobile viewing!

ONLY program to offer 3 months of optional coaching and mentorship to help you kick start your business!

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Great Downsizing Specialists Aren't Born ... They're Trained!

Many people get stressed just thinking about what they have to do to find all the tools, training, and resources needed to start a successful downsizing business.

My A to Z business start-up action plan will help you go from overwhelmed to confident, so you can find clients, earn income faster and save time, money, and stress in the process!

Ready? Let’s get started! It’s as easy as 1-2-3!

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