There’s a Better Way to Downsize!

Everything you need to downsize with less stress is here! 

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Want to feel less overwhelmed and frustrated when planning a downsizing move for yourself or a parent?

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Need expert advice on what to keep, what to let go of & how to get rid of the rest, so you can feel less stressed?

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What if you had all the tools and strategies that Downsizing Specialists use every day to make the process easier?

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People often delay a downsizing move because they feel overwhelmed.


At The Downsizing Institute, we understand that you want to feel more in control of the process and confident you’re making the right decisions.

To do that, you need a plan.

One that will make the process easier, help you avoid move day surprises, and provide the tools to will turn frustration into relief!

You can do this!

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“Decisions are so much easier to make when an expert like Deborah teaches you how to navigate the process.”

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Just Need a Quick Answer?

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Have one or two quick questions about planning your downsizing move and want to talk directly with a nationally certified senior downsizing expert?

Click the 30-minute phone consultation button below to get the answers you need, so you can feel less stressed and more confident about your move.

This Series is for Seniors, Family Members & Professionals Who Want to Learn About:

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Ways that families of seniors and senior service-related professionals can identify and support the psychological and emotional challenges seniors often experience during downsizing.

Moving into a retirement community can be more complicated than you or your parent might have experienced in the past. We’ll show you the step-by-step tips and strategies that will help lower your stress and create a more manageable move plan.

Learn how to get control of the purge process, including ways to prioritize and organize, plus which common practices you need to avoid.

Professional downsizing planning tips and tricks to help you stay on track and avoid unwanted move day surprises.

The seven most common ways to dispose of unwanted items, the best sales and donation resources by type of item, and tips to help you get a general idea of an item’s worth.

Important questions to ask a mover about their services, fees and policies before you hire them so you can save time, money and avoid potential damage during transit.

How to optimize even the most limited space so you can bring more of what’s important to you.

“It’s just plain wrong for seniors and their families to struggle with a downsizing move when they can access to the same tools and strategies that Senior Downsizing Specialist’s, like me, use every day to make our clients feel less stressed and overwhelmed.

That’s why I created the Downsizing Made Simpler Series!”

Deborah Moyer – CRTS, CPC
Founder of The Downsizing Institute
13+ Year Veteran Senior Downsizing Specialist
& Life Transitions Coach

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