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Downsizing? 8 Pack Day Strategies to Ease a Senior’s Stress

By Deborah Moyer | May 15, 2024

Downsizing? You’re about to learn 8 pack day strategies to ease a senior’s stress and still be productive. Pack days can be stressful in a downsizing move. One of the things I’ve heard most from clients over the years is that they feel overwhelmed with the number of details a well-planned move requires.  They also…

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Maximizing Security: 5 Leading Cyber Risk Reduction Techniques for Small Businesses

By Deborah Moyer | April 30, 2024

In my last “Is Your Business Secure” post I shared the first 5 essentials that any business should have in place to protect their future. To recap, they were: In Part 2 of this risk management series, I’m sharing 5 additional strategies to protect yourself and your business from cyber-attacks, plus risk protection tools specific…

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Shielding Your Small Business: 5 Essential Risk Protection Strategies – Part 1

By Deborah Moyer | April 18, 2024

It’s a question every business owner should be continually asking themselves. “Am I doing everything I can to reduce risk exposure in my business?”. It doesn’t matter what kind of business you’re in, the bad guys are finding increasingly creative ways to rip you off. Because of that, business owners should be putting risk management…

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Unlocking the Power of Referrals: 6 Ways to Strengthen & Grow Your Connections

By Deborah Moyer | March 22, 2024

Do you own a small business and struggle with ways to increase new client referrals? Unlocking the power of referrals is a common challenge for many small business owners. Without a doubt, having a consistent and focused strategy to build your network of potential referrals is crucial to any business’s success. But what are the…

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Harnessing the Power of Color: Branding Tips That Draw More Customers”

By Deborah Moyer | March 5, 2024

Want to attract more clients to your business? Did you know that research has shown that the color(s) you use in branding your business can directly affect its success? Choosing your brand colors is serious business. Though it’s largely unconscious, colors are a huge factor in how we decide about the products or services we…

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13 Do’s and Don’ts for Compassionate Communication with a Memory-Impaired Client

By Deborah Moyer | February 20, 2024

Senior downsizing or home-organizing professionals who have worked with memory-impaired individuals during transition know how difficult it is for their clients to cope with a quickly changing environment. How you communicate with them is critical to a successful process. In today’s article, I share the 13 communication dos and don’ts that can help you better…

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Quality over Quantity: Crafting a Website Strategy that Draws Your Ideal Client

By Deborah Moyer | February 2, 2024

Frustrated by a website that’s generating the wrong kind of traffic? What does it take to craft a website strategy that draws your ideal client? Many new business owners make the mistake of thinking that they have to hire a professional web designer for thousands to create a visually appealing website is all it takes…

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Be the Guide, Not the Hero: Your Marketing Message Can Be Costing You

By Deborah Moyer | January 17, 2024

If I were to ask you right now whether you think your clients would want you to be their hero or their guide, which one do you think they would choose? For many years I would have confidently chosen the hero because that’s what I always thought my clients wanted. But I was wrong. Three…

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Why an Estate Sale Might Not Be Your Best Downsizing Disposal Option

By Deborah Moyer | January 3, 2024

If you’re downsizing, or helping someone who is, pay close attention to what I’m about to share: an estate sale might not be your best downsizing disposal option. Most downsizers have heard of estate sales and their luring appeal. They’ve probably been told it’s one of the easiest ways to dispose of a large volume…

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Downsizing? 8 Ways to Dispose of an Unwanted Piano

By Deborah Moyer | December 18, 2023

Downsizing and would like to know 8 ways to dispose of an unwanted piano? It can be difficult to accommodate even the smaller versions of a piano in a condominium or apartment, so they are frequently first on the list of items to get rid of. In recent years, the demand for pianos has significantly…

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