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Want to Fast-Track Your Business Start-up – Get the Right “Guide”!

By Deborah Moyer | April 15, 2021

Can having the right “Guide” help you fast-track your business start-up? Absolutely! If you ask a small business owner what was at the top of their “I’d have done it differently” list when they started their business, many would say they wished they’d had more guidance on the tools, resources, and knowledge they needed before…

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6 Ways to Avoid Stress During a Downsizing Move

By Deborah Moyer | April 3, 2021

We are all looking for ways to avoid stress in one aspect of our life or another. If you, or a loved one, has been considering a downsizing move, the moment those words are uttered, you probably developed an “I’ve just binge-eaten a jar of pickles” look on your face. Most people physically cringe from…

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How Shifting Roles Between Seniors & Their Adult Children Can Make or Break a Downsizing Move

By Deborah Moyer | March 25, 2021

Moving under any circumstance is a challenge.  But, facing a downsizing move has its own unique set of issues, many of which can come as a complete surprise to the seniors and their family. I got my first taste of this when I helped my own Mom and step-father on their first downsize move back…

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“Senior Downsizing Specialist” Defined: How They Help Ease the Burden of Transition

By Deborah Moyer | March 8, 2021

Over the years, I’ve been asked this question many, many times. “What is a Senior Downsizing Specialist and what is it that makes their service so unique when helping seniors who are downsizing?” It’s understandable that people are confused about this profession given that the industry itself is so new.  After all, it’s only been…

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Why Your Kids Don’t Want Your Stuff

By Deborah Moyer | January 5, 2021

After over a decade of providing downsizing and transition coaching services to seniors and their families, I’ve noticed one of the biggest challenges that tends to frustrate them the most is what to do with the things they can’t take with them to their new home. Most automatically assume that their adult children will want…

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7 Signs It May Be Time for You to Downsize

By Deborah Moyer | December 10, 2020

Over the last 11+ years as a Senior Downsizing Specialist and Transitions Life Coach, I’ve helped thousands of senior clients, and their families, successfully navigate the challenges of downsizing to a smaller home or retirement community. As I’ve mentioned in a previous blog, a downsizing move is unlike any other move a person might have…

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Surviving a Career Change After 50

By Deborah Moyer | November 16, 2020

2020 has certainly been a year of extraordinary change and challenge for all of us, but if you’re over 50 and facing a career change due to COVID-19, you are probably in a state of shock right now. Will Ageism Affect Your Career Change? A recent AARP report (Unemployments Toll on Older Workers) stated that…

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Organizing & Senior Downsizing: The Perfect Business Duo

By Deborah Moyer | October 12, 2020

What makes a great business succeed?  Is it the type of services a business provides?  Is it the people bringing that service to the customer?  Is it a business that’s highly specialized? Does it have a global appeal?How many businesses offer the same services in an area and is there diversity in the way that…

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An Entrepreneur’s Greatest Startup Challenge: Their Mindset

By Deborah Moyer | October 2, 2020

I remember how I was feeling when I started my first business.  Excitement was pumping through me like an electrical current and I knew to the core of my being that I was meant to help seniors navigate through the complex emotional and physical aspects of a downsizing transition. For me, starting a business wasn’t…

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Why It’s Tough Letting Go of Stuff

By Deborah Moyer | August 31, 2020

by Deborah Moyer Over the past eleven years, I’ve helped hundreds of clients as they navigated through what I think is the worst part of the downsizing process: Purging.  Getting rid of things, especially items that have a lot of emotional value, can be difficult because we humans LOVE to acquire!   For most of…

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