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The Gift of Active Listening

Have you noticed how many people you’ve been talking to lately that don’t seem to be actively engaged in listening to what you have to say? You see it everywhere. People are distracted in every social setting, even checking their phones for the latest social media post or taking a call when they’re sharing a…

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4 Ways to Shift from Busy to Productive

As a business owner, would you consider yourself productive or just busy? It seems like time is flying by at warp speed these days and I often catch myself working harder instead of smarter. Can you relate? Unfortunately, it’s only gotten worse as I get older. I’m getting less and less done than I’m used…

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4 Ways to Heal Family Stress With a Parent While Downsizing

Downsizing Stress. Whether you’re a downsizing professional helping seniors downsize or a family member helping their parent(s) move, it’s not uncommon for this stress to turn emotional for a parent and their adult children. So, it’s extremely important to get clear about what’s behind this issue, so you can actively seek ways to heal it.…

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