The 3 Essential Start-Up tools for a Senior Downsizing Business

Great business start-up tools include a plan and clear directions

If you’re thinking about starting a senior downsizing business, it’s critical to have the right business start-up tools. Ever bought a piece of furniture from IKEA? It’s the perfect metaphor for what entrepreneurs experience when they face starting a new business.

Many of us have started a new goal and gotten excited to build something we can be proud of and enjoy for years. But, it always seems so easy-peasy at the time!

However, as you were checking out at the store, you realize that the beautiful dresser in the display has somehow been condensed into a 12-inch by a 5-foot box of Rubik Cube parts. It still amazes me how do they do that!

You schlep it home, stopping only long enough to rent an industrial crane because it turns out that’s what’s required to get it OUT of the back of your car.

A business or a NASA launch?

You finally open the box, pull out the 1,043 pieces and stare at them as they spread across your living room or garage floor like a biblical pestilence.

The right step-by-step business training can make a business start-up a breeze

The reality is the instructions look more like NASA launch sequences than a path to success.

You suddenly realize your carpentry skills are on par with your neurosurgery skills.  Neither exists. Halfway through the surgery… I mean…. project, you realize you’ve mistakenly set up the dresser drawers so they only open from the back of the chest frame….Panic and frustration hit a new high!

What do you do now? You need help and you need it fast!

IKEA finally got the message over the years. They added delivery and set-up as optional services for those of us who are Rubik Cube challenged.

How does that experience relate to facing a business startup?

Many entrepreneurs suffer from the same ‘shiny object’ syndrome when they are about to start their new business journey. Their mind’s eye sees their business in its final glorious form and know they are meant to build a service-based business as their life’s purpose.

But once they are knee-deep in the start-up process, overwhelm sets in. They realize all the “parts” they have to put together to create that successful business.

You need the right set of business start-up tools

What are three most essential components for a business start-up?

Usually, it’s one or more of these three essential components:

  • Basic Business Fundamentals – practical knowledge of the fundamentals needed to set up a business. Think licensing, insurance, materials/supplies, equipment, sales, and marketing plan that are required to get their business up to speed quickly.
  • Specific training or expertise in the trade they are creating. Think Installation Instructions you can actually implement.
  • Find the right coach or mentor who has specific expertise in their business service or product. Someone who can provide the one-on-one support and guidance they need to succeed. Think Technical Support who saves you when your dresser drawer is opening in the wrong direction., researchers in educational psychology, indicated “those who received training reported higher entrepreneurial skillset and mindset efficacies, and improved their ability to search for, evaluate and judge entrepreneurial opportunities”.

Since downsizing is such a process-dominated business, it’s important that you have the right skillsets to implement on day one.

The business start-up solution

I created the Senior Downsizing Specialist Training program specifically to provide these kinds of business start-up tools. It includes all three essential areas for entrepreneurs who want to serve seniors and their families during downsizing.

I can help get you from Point A to Point B during the critical start-up phase in your first year and lessen that ‘DIY’ frustration. How?

You can choose from program options that include:

  • Self-study, go-at-your-own-pace online training that includes business foundational basics, how to market your services, and all the specific senior downsizing processes, resources, and tools you’ll need to get started quickly.
  • Take advantage of the optional coaching package. It provides one-on-one mentor support throughout the critical 90-day start-up process, exactly when you need it the most!

IKEA finally got it right and so can you! With all the right business start-up tools in place, you CAN build a successful, home-based senior downsizing business. One that not only helps seniors and their families traverse difficult transitions, but also allows you to earn great income and personal satisfaction in the process.

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